Ink for blood…

Irena Joannides, Atalanta Creative’s principal writer/editor, comes from a line of bookworms but would’ve much preferred to have been Hollywood royalty. Her father is an internationally-renowned author, her mother a writer for radio, her aunt a poet, her brother a publisher, and her granduncle a print shop owner.  

Irena started sharpening her pencil in pigtails. Years and an unknown number of publishing credits later (Irena lost track), Atalanta Creative was formed.

Named after the formidable Argonaut and Irena’s grandmother, Atalanta Creative has been providing publication services to publishers, authors, organizations, and businesses around the world for more than fifteen years. books. Now, it’s expanding to publishing its own books.

irenaIrena Joannides, Atalanta Creative’s principal writer/editor, has written extensively for print, radio, television, and film. Her writing has been published in Europe, Canada, and Australia by traditional publishers, and broadcast on Rogers TV, OmniTV, CityTV, CIUT.FM, CFNY.FM, Q107.FM, CyBC. Her publishing credits are countless. For fifteen years she has been assistant editor-in-chief and creative director of In Focus literary magazine, while working on an ongoing basis with the Cyprus PEN Centre, Armida Books, the University of Cyprus, and the Cyprus Ministry of Education and Culture. 

You can work with Irena Joannides through Upwork or Fiverr.