Book Editing & Writing Services

For over ten years, Atalanta Creative has been providing writing, editing and design services to indie authors and publishers around the world, as well as working in-house with Armida Books, the Cyprus PEN Centre In Focus literary magazine, and Alasia Publications.

Past projects/clients: Garnet Publishing, Kindred Spirit, Paradigm Shift (UK); Ylandron Publications (Australia); RogersTV, OmniTV, CityTV, CIUT.FM, CFNY.FM, Q107.FM (Canada); University of Cyprus, Ministry of Education and Culture, CyBC (Cyprus).

Whether you’re looking for a publisher or planning to self-publish, you need an honest critique of your manuscript and professional editing. We will enhance your writing and provide actionable notes on:

  • Memoirs – Biographies
  • Self-help books
  • New Age – Spirituality
  • How-to books
  • Business books
  • Product or service e-books/downloadables
  • Poetry
  • Short stories – Novels
  • Anthologies
  • Children’s


Proofreading & Copy Editing:  The copy editor corrects spelling, grammar, syntax, idioms and nuance.

Manuscript Assessment: The developmental editor evaluates copy, narrative structure, content organization, coherence, logic and consistency. Detailed notes are provided on the proposed scope of work. Clients may implement the changes themselves or work with the editor.

Developmental (Substantive) Editing: This is the most intensive form of editing because it re-shapes the manuscript as a whole, looking at structure, organization, coherence, logic, consistency and voice. Sentences, paragraphs and chapters may be moved, removed, added or expanded. The editor implements the changes proposed in the Manuscript Assessment, with client approval every step of the way.

Full Development/Ghostwriting: The ghostwriter develops the client’s book idea into a publishable manuscript. The process may include conducting interviews and research, working from notes, drafts, outlines, audio-visual material, etc.

Original Artwork & Illustration: Our collaborating artists and illustrators create original artwork for book covers or illustrations (e.g. for children’s books).

HOW WE WORK: To ensure that the client and the editor/writer are creatively aligned, work is done in stages either in development phases or chapter by chapter.

HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? Since the needs of each manuscript are unique, cost depends on the scope of work. It may be estimated based on word count for simple assignments such as proofreading or on an hourly rate for complex assignments such as developmental editing.

HOW DO I GET AN ESTIMATE? Send us your manuscript and let’s discuss your options! For example: A complex assignment such as developmental editing must begin with a manuscript assessment. Along with the editor’s notes, a list of improvement options is generated, ranging from the most thorough to the most minimal. Based on the option the client chooses, a sample chapter is edited in order to arrive at the average number of hours required.

PAYMENT TERMS: We accept payments through Paypal or email transfer. We can receive orders and payments through online escrow platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr.

Irena Joannides, Atalanta Creative’s principal writer/editor, has written for print, radio, television and film on a wide range of topics and genres (e.g. journalistic and creative writing, scripts/screenplays, radio/TV shows, marketing/advertising copy, press releases, pitches/proposals, presentations, product descriptions, blog posts, reviews). Her writing has been published in Europe, Canada and Australia by traditional publishers, and broadcast on Rogers TV, OmniTV, CityTV, CIUT.FM, CFNY.FM, Q107.FM, CyBC. She provides copy and content editing services to publishers, broadcasters, writers, websites, businesses, organizations, etc.

Irena Joannides’s can be hired through Upwork or Fiverr: