PRICING:  Depending on the project, we charge an hourly rate or a flat fee. We also work on a contract basis.

  • Hourly rate: $40 per hour, charged for graphic design, image processing and manipulation, stock image searches, etc.
  • Flat rate: We offer a flat rate for multipage publications such as books and periodicals, starting at $8 per page (40 pages minimum). Page layout set-up fees start at $100.
  • Cover design starts at $120. This does not include the cost of creating original artwork or purchasing stock images.
  • We offer special terms to clients who require on-going work (e.g. social media sites, magazines). We can be hired part-time, or on a contract basis, to work remotely. For clients in downtown Toronto, we also attend consultation meetings.
  • Contact us for a quote for creating original artwork and illustrations for your needs.


  • We communicate with our clients by email and phone. For clients in downtown Toronto, we also attend consultation meetings.
  • We can either create artwork based on ideas, texts and images provided by the client, or design something original.
  • For each project, we provide three design options in draft form. Once the client has selected a design, we refine. We send drafts of the work in progress to our clients for review and possible revisions. The first three revisions are free; any additional revisions will be charged at the hourly rate.
  • We do our best to catch typos/errors in texts that the client provides, but the responsibility of proof-reading rests solely on the client. We provide professional editing and proof-reading services upon request (English and Greek only).
  • Once the artwork has been completed, the client signs off.

PRINTING: We can either deliver ready-for-press artwork that clients can print on their own, or print the job and ship it to the client. (Offset printing offered only in Toronto and Cyprus.)


  • For certain types and sizes of jobs, a deposit may be required.
  • Full payment is due upon completion of the artwork. Upon receipt of payment, the final artwork is sent to the client electronically. We also deliver artwork on data storage devices (e.g. USB flash drives) upon request.
  • When we are asked to print the job on the client’s behalf, a deposit is required prior to us placing the print order. The balance must be paid in full prior to us shipping the job to the client.
  • We accept E-transfers, Paypal, and Cash.
  • Irena Joannides’s can be hired through Upwork: